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In Memory of Gary Sorrell aka “Pap”

July 21,  2014, Gary Sorrell got the call he had been hoping to get for years.  His 27 year old granddaughter, Ashley was finally getting help.  Gary always told her he needed to know that she was going to be okay in case something ever happened to him.  He raised Ashley and her brother Dylan from birth.  With Pap by her side, Ashley grabbed her opportunity to get clean and sober.   Gary could not have been more proud.  Today, Ashley is the Program Director of Pathway to Recovery, a nonprofit program that helps individuals experiencing homelessness, addiction and mental illness.  Ashley said “he left an imprint on everyone’s life and he would literally give you the shirt off his back”.  Gary Sorrell was respected and loved by many.

 Ashley’s Story  

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Helping Homeless Hoosiers

Pathway began with a single building and three staff members providing 24-hour care to 21 homeless adults. Today,  we have six programs, housing nearly 100 men and women, and we do this with only three full-time and three part-time staff members. Program graduates living in our apartment buildings serve as mentors and return to support to the new man and woman beginning their journey of recovery.  This creates a perpetual giving cycle and a strong sense of community while decreasing relapse.

But that’s not the only cool thing about Pathway  — Our expansion programs were created by transforming vacant, dilapidated properties, into safe, affordable, substance-free housing - saving lives and communities…AND they are all financially self-supporting with resident rents based on their incomes. We only need help for Pathway-I, the intensive entry level program where men and women arrive from the streets and shelters with nothing, in need of everything.

With your help, 90 men and women will NOT be sleeping on our streets tonight.

 Pathway’s Story

Heroes of Hope

If you would like to help our city’s homeless, there are many ways to do so by creating a custom gift to fit your giving preference. There is no other program that does so much with so little, but just like our residents need help, so does Pathway.

Help those who need the most, yet have the least!

One Day $15 (Monthly)

One Week $75 (Quarterly)

One Month $300 (One time)

One Year $3,600 (One time)

Other ______  (Custom amount and Frequency)

Your gift plays a huge part in our ability to change lives.

Heroes of Hope


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